Mike Lane FRPS , one of the best UK wildlife photographers will be giving a lecture in the D-Hotel, Scotch Hall, Drogheda on Thursday night next 25th February at 8pm. It is being hosted by Drogheda Photographic Club.
An invitation is extended to you and your club members to attend. Could you mention the lecture to your fellow club members especially those who enjoy wildlife photography at its best. A small cover charge of €3 applies.
Also could you mention the lecture below by Magnum photographer Chris Steele- Perkins to your members.

Chris Steele-Perkins     Magnum Photographer

Will give a lecture in D-Hotel, Scotch Hall, Drogheda on Sunday 28th February at 8pm.

Admission €10

Reservations/ Tickets available by contacting: Phone 0866009976

Des Clinton

Proposed photo shoot for North East Pylon Pressure Group

I have been asked in the last few days  by the North East Pylon Pressure to take part in and to help organise a photo shoot in the Lough an Leigh and Muff areas just outside Kingscourt Co. Cavan.

Due to time constraints, this may have to take place this coming weekend of the 13th/14th February 2010, or very soon after.  I do accept that this is extremely short notice, but unfortunately, anyone or group that wish to lodge a complaint with An Bord Pleanala in about the construction of a 400 kva sub-station and subsequent overhead cables to and from;  which will not only affect the areas of Lough an Leigh and Muff in Co. Cavan, but also to numerous areas across Co. Meath, and  further beyond must do so by 14th March 2010.

The idea of this photo shoot is to forward a graphical  complaint to An Board Pleanala which will include pictures of the local area with pylons accurately superimposed into them.

How this is going to be done is as follows, it is proposed the NEPP will hire a helicopter to hover over the exact position where individual pylons will be placed and at the exact height of the proposed pylon. At the same time a group of photographers positioned at different locations across the Lough an Leigh and Muff will take photos at a 50mm focal length of the area where the helicopter is hovering. This is being done in conjunction with a planning expert. The 50mm focal length is what we are told by this expert is required by An Board Pleanala to give an accurate representation of what can be seen by the eye.

Would it be possible that anyone who may be available to take part in this photoshoot in order to help the NEPP to convince Eirgrid to underground these cables , please contact  Alan Finnegan at, or at my mobile 0876537351 and work mobile 0870502341 (this between 8 am and 4 pm); or alternatively contact Andrew Clarke at 0872268591.