Our new banners

Navan Camera Club banner
Our banners for Peoples Photography 2011

Picked up the banners from Mick Buchanan during the week. Don’t they look great?

Hope everyone is busy printing away because it won’t be long now.

Galway Weekend

We want to get a selection of shots from the Galway weekend to show on the opening night. So far we have three!

Did anyone else other than Mark go on the trip?

Come on folks, get your finger out and send me some shots.




Bags for PP2011

As mentioned at the meeting tonight, I have high clarity crystal clear bags suitable for smallish prints. Have a look and let me know if you want some. I’ll organise “samples” đŸ™‚

Discount packaging.

Peoples Photography 2011

For those of you signed up to PP2011 we have a meeting on Monday @ 8.30pm in the club. We’ll go through everything and collect the fee – €20 per space.

Peoples Photography 2011

It’s that time of year again and it looks like we have our 10 allocated spots filled. Watch your emails and please respond by next Monday if you want a spot or if you want to share with some one. We’ll be coming looking for money soon too……