Calendar Photos

Club member Denis O’Donovan has just had three of his photos published in a Hot Air Balloon calendar in Germany. Denis was contacted through flickr and after the exchange of a vast sum of money đŸ˜‰ three of his shots were chosen for the calendar. That’s not bad – 25% of all the shots going to a club member.

Link to the calendar is here.

Studio booking system

As an experiment we are going to try using this website to book time slots in the studio.
Go to the new studio page and leave a comment with the time you want the studio.
Make sure you are not clashing with anyone else.
Any suggestions as to how we can improve this would be nice.

Digital Photography Beginners Course 2011

For those who missed our registration night, there is still a chance to register for the beginners course on Tuesday 20th September, at 8pm. The course fee is 80 euro. For an additional 20 euro you can join the club for the year, giving you the opportunity to develop your new skills and meet lots of like-minded people. Places on the course are limited, so please come on time to secure your place.

Directions to the clubhouse can be found here

The beginners course will help you develop your skills regardless of the type of digital camera you own. Topics covered include:

  • o Getting to know your camera
    o Transferring photos to your computer
    o Managing the images on your computer
    o Editing your photos with Adobe Photoshop Elements
    o Composing your photographs
    o Landscape & Nature Photography
    o Using your flash and Portrait Photography
    o Using all your new skills to enter a print competition
  • The course will run each Tuesday for 7 weeks, beginning 20th September and ending 1st November. Each class lasts 90 minutes, running from 8:30pm to 10:00pm. The first night starts at the earlier time of 8pm to facilitate registration.

    Registration Form

    The Camera Club is starting up again, after a break for the summer, on Monday 12th September with registration taking place from 8:00pm.

    On the first night there will be an introduction to the camera club for new members, a preview of the programme for the year, a slide show on the club weekend away to Galway and a short talk on camera insurance.

    The fee for this year is still €50, the beginners course is €80 with the option of paying an additional €20 to become a full member of the club.

    If you are around Navan check out some of our members photos, on display in the Shopping Centre from 29th August to 12th September.

    Would all existing members and new members please download the registration form and bring it with you on the night.

    Navan CC Registration 2011