30th Anniversary of Navan Camera Club

We are proud to announce our 30th birthday  anniversary of Navan Camera Club

First, I would like to show our history:

”Navan photographic club was set up in 1987 by a group of ten enthusiasts
following their completion of beginners & intermediate courses in photography held in the VEC (currently Beaufort College, Navan).
Those heady days, some 30 years ago bring back many great memories of our
fledgling club, the wonder of watching an image appear on a sheet of paper in the darkroom, striving to win competitions, the struggle to attract members, the desire to programme content that would entertain and educate people, while also helping the club to grow ….. the list goes on.
We initially met in the Irish National Foresters hall on the 23rd April 1987 and
subsequently made it our home for 7 years, finally moving (courtesy of Tara
Mines) to our current premises at Liscarton, Kells Road in 1994.
The Navan Photographic club membership waxed & wained during those early
years, where attendance would sometimes drop as low as 4 – 5 people, and on
occasion – an additional injection of funds was required from members to defray immediate expenses, but a tireless and undaunted committee bolstered with an enthusiasm for photography soldiered on to keep the club active. In the early 2000`s, a name change to Navan Camera Club and the growth of digital photography seen a significant increase in pubic interest in photography, and this was reflected in an ever increasing membership. This renewed interest coupled with the introduction of “Beginners courses in Digital Photography” proved to be a turning point where we attracted some 95 members in 2012.
The camera club has successfully retained an annual membership of 60 – 70
people and provides a comprehensive programme of events from September
through to May each year. The aim of the camera club has always been to
promote photography through encouragement and exposure to the work of
other photographers (both professional & enthusiast).
It is with a great sense of pride that we – Navan Camera Club are still active and growing on this celebration of our 30th anniversary – a testament to the
dedication, hard work and never-ending enthusiasm of so many members – past and present.”

Second, I would like to invite all ours fans, members and all people interested in photography to visit our exhibition in Navan Library from 1st to 31st August 2017



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