Navan Camera Club – Solstice Exhibition 2010

Navan Camera Club – Solstice Exhibition 2010

Once again we have been privileged to have been afforded the opportunity to display our images in the Solstice Arts Centre, Navan.

Time of Event

Summer 2010 – Two weeks in July – Dates to be confirmed by Solstice

Objective of the Exhibition

  • To show the development of photography within our club

How to achieve our objective

Display ………..

  • New images (created after September 2009)
  • Diverse mix of images
  • Creative and Inspirational images
  • Art images not product or postcard images
  • Keep photoshop enhancements to a minimum
  • Innovative images and different view points
      • e.g. Patrick Bartley infra red image of Trim Castle (different viewpoint)
  • Images of the highest quality possible (flawless printing, presentation etc)
  • Keep possibilities of presentation of work in mind when creating images…..

(see attached for more details regarding presentation options)


Sky, Water, Plant, Structure (architectural), Rock and Life

Note Rules regarding age of image, limited editions etc are important because one of the aims of the Solstice Arts Centre is to encourage the development of arts in the community, therefore unless new, diverse, creative images are being produced then this aim is undermined. As this exhibition is a great opportunity for the club please respect the aims of the Solstice Arts Centre.

Images displayed at “Internal” Club competitions are eligible.

CriteriaRules for exhibiting

  • Image should reflect the theme

  • New work – not older than Sept 2009
  • Work submitted is for this exhibition ONLY (not previously sold or displayed externally)
  • Limited edition images 5 ONLY
  • Shoot your image in RAW or the highest quality possible for the camera being used to ensure professional printing quality (Keep a copy of original image in RAW and the submitted version of the image until the exhibition is finished and any sold work is reprinted and delivered to purchaser)
  • Minimum size of image is 12” by 18”
  • Each image is to be accompanied by ‘Submission Form’ (will be available in club. This form includes reason for taking the image so keep this in mind when capturing the images, this is also important in keeping with aims of the exhibition)
  • Exhibitor must be paid up member of club

Selection process of Images

  • Approximately 100 images are required for selection.
  • Any club member can submit up to 10 digital images for selection

  • Images to be sent to club prior to April 5 2010
  • Images will be sent to the Solstice by April 10 2010 – with completed submission forms.
  • Images will be curated by 2 or 3 people (Solstice Art director and independent photographer, will be finalised nearer exhibition date).
  • Between 45 to 60 images will be selected for display.

  • Another 10 will be selected as reserves.
  • Solstice will advise club which images are selected (by May 5 2010)
  • Members will be advised

  • Printed and presented images to be fully completed by Jun 5 2010
  • Printed/presented images will be reviewed by the Solstice and any that are deemed to be of insufficient quality will not be accepted. If good quality print cannot be obtained then a reserves print will be selected.

Club Responsibility

  • Organise the catalogue layout and selecting the printer of same (Dec 2009)
  • All images are sent to the Solstice on time for selection
  • Any image send to the Solstice for selection is of sufficient size for its proposed printing dimensions. (This should avert issues at a later date)
  • The club can only check the images for file size and resolution ALL artistic comment is at carried out at the Solstice
  • The maximum number of images from any person is 10.

  • Once the selection as been advised to the club approximately 15 images will be used in the catalogue for the event, these images will be selected by the club committee in conjunction with the catalogue printer. The criteria for this selection are not artistic based but rather on size and presentation of catalogue.

Exhibitor Responsibility

  • Create images

  • Quality of images

  • Images are ready on time
  • Submission Form fully completed

  • Exhibition costs are to be bourn by the exhibitor presentation, frames etc. However should your images be purchased a percentage of the purchase price will be refunded to the author. This percentage will be decided by club committee.

Printing and Presentation Options

A variety of presentations options will enhance the diversity of our images and give the exhibition more visual impact.

N.B. The businesses mentioned below are a small sample that have either been satisfactorily used by members on previous occasions or have been advertising at photography events, however the club is not responsible for the quality of any work carried out by these businesses.

Printing Options: There are many printing options, local and online.

Most photographers have their own preference. If in doubt check will a club committee member.

e.g. (local) / e.g. photobox (online)

Presentation Options :

Wall mounted – Quality Paper Image pinned to wall


print will have pin holes so if sold will have to be reprinted, may have to give purchaser the option to have the image framed as paper is not durable Glass, frame and mount

Glass and frame (no mount)

Relatively inexpensive

Ensure high quality frames are used

Various suppliers

Signboards/Foam boards

Foam board mounting e.g.

Signsystem may facilitate ??

Relatively inexpensive


Large range at

Signsystem may facilitate

Moderately Expensive



image printed onto alum. sheets

MDF Board

Moderately expensive

Photographic paper coated for protection and glued to MDF. Edges of MDF painted black, white etc

e.g. One Vision Imaging Ltd (uk)

Someone in Navan is possibly doing also, check with Dave McLean

Solstice Art Exhibition / Navan Camera Club


Image Submission Form

Name: ____________________________________________________

Contact Numbers : ___________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________

File name/s: _______________________________________________

File size: __________________________________________________

Date Image taken: ___________________________________________

Reason for Creating Image: ____________________________________





Image Print Size: _______________________(cm/inch)___

Presentation Style: (please circle your option)

1. Wall Mounted 2. Glass Frame and mount

3. Glass and frame (no mount) 4. Signboards/Foam boards

5. Acrylic 6. Aluminium

7. MDF Board

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