North Eastern Region Nature Comp

Hi all… This years North Eastern region nature competition will take place on Tuesday the 27th January at 8:30pm in Mid-Louth Camera Club, Dunleer. Please arrive early for registration etc. Our judge on the night will be Cyrus  Sangari LIPF from Celbridge Camera Club. A print and projected image (digital or slide) section will  be held on the night. Please refer to the IPF Nature Competition Rules document for entry information as well  as the FIAP Nature Competition Definitions (both available from IPF website). Please note that it has been clarified to us that  Landscape photographs will be accepted this year. As on previous occasions all entries will be retained and  entered into the National Nature Photography Finals on the 22nd March. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I’ll do my best to answer…!!!

Regards Richard Hatch Club Secretary

Mid Louth Camera Club

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