North Eastern Region Nature Competition 2011

Subject: North Eastern Region Nature Competition 2011

Hi all…

This years  North Eastern region  nature competition will take place on Monday 31st January 2011 at 8:30pm in Mid-Louth Camera Club, Dunleer. Due to the large number of entries and participants over the last few years we will again have the competition in the  Scoraiocht Lann Léire Centre . For those of you that didnt attend last year it is located  here  on the Barn road in Dunleer, only a stones throw from the previous venue. Its a small white building on the right hand side with a large car park just after the Seat Car garage.

Afterwards we will return to Connors pub for cakes, buns and refreshments. Please arrive early for registration etc. A print and projected image (digital or slide) section will also be held on the night. Please refer to the IPF Nature Competition Rules document for entry information as well as the FIAP Nature Competition Definitions (attached).  Please pay particular attention to the digital section and the file size and naming details as any discrepancies might not be accepted on the night and could be disqualified from the finals. It would be a great help if entry forms where filled out before arriving.   (As of yet the 2011 IPF Nature Competition entry form and rules are not available online but I’ll send them on when they are.) Again Landscape photographs will be accepted once they fall within the FIAP rules. As on previous occasions all entries, entry forms and fees will be retained and entered into the National Nature Photography Finals on Sunday 13th March.

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I’ll do my best to answer…!!!


Richard Hatch  LIPF
Assistant Club Secretary

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