Solstice Art Exhibition

On Thursday last (Feb 21st) Neil mcShane and John Doyle both attended a meeting in the Solstice arts center, where they spoke at length with Belinda Quirke about the forthcoming exhibition. Matters which arose at the recent club meeting were addressed, and the outcome of the meeting was most satisfactory. Until now, there may have been some confusion regarding the types of photographs which should be submitted for the exhibition. Submit your best images in you own styles, along with a note which in a few words explains the shot. If you want to get in touch with John Doyle about this just send a contact message to his site and he will get in touch with you. The exhibition has now been scheduled for Wed 13th August, and will run through to Sat 23rd ( approx 10 days) The selection process will begin on Monday 26th May by which time all material for the exhibition should be submitted. All framed works will be transferred to the gallery on Fri 31st July, and curation will take place over 2-3 days approx 2nd and 3rd August. We expect to have two to three weeks to take care of all the printing and framing which will incur a great deal of expense, club members are asked to do your best to secure monetary sponsorship for the event. Belinda Quirke ( programme director) and the Solstice Arts Center have great confidence in Navan Camera Club, and have given us a wonderful opportunity to display our work to a very wide audience.

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