The Final Judging

1st Place Midnight Poacher By Feargal Quinn


2nd Place Pitts-Special by Andrew Yeates


3rd Place, Ghostly by Feargal Quinn


It’s been a interesting year, but like past years we have the winners of the print of the year and photographer of the year

We give our congratulations to the winner Feargal Quinn with his beautifully lit nighttime image of an otter, titled Midnight Poacher. The close runners up in the competition were: Andrew Yeates and his aviation image titled, Pitts Special, and Feargal Quinn taking the third place with his image of a heron titled, Ghostly.  

Print Of The Year: (POTY)

Winner: Feargal Quinn

2nd: Andrew Yeates

3rd:  Feargal Quinn

Finally, throughout the year we have had numerous submissions to all the competitions in each category. The best 5 scores for each member are used to determine the Photographer of the Year,   for each category (Novice Intermediate and Senior). The Club congratulates the winners which are as follows: 

Photographer of the Year:

Novice:  Alan Laighleas

Intermediate: Feargal Quinn

Senior:   Andrew Yeates

Well done to the winners, and to everyone who has entered competitions over the year and a thank you to Denis O’Donavan a previous member for the final judging 


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