Trip to the Saltee’s

The NCC Saltee Group

Back Row; Joanna, Della, Dave, Mark,
Front Row Ita, Lisa, Lilie
Photographer (missing) Haydn

14th of June, the beautiful sun, sea and sand…..Just a shame this was an Irish summer…wind, rain and a rocky landing was the order of the day, for a day trip to the Saltee Islands, just off the coast of Wexford with the Navan Camera Club 


Photo Credit: Dave Dyar, Navan Camera Club

9 Intrepid explorers set out (1 got misplaced on the way! sensibly waiting for better days to return).  The first hour and a half was miserable, the wind lashed and rain fogged the lenses.  Dave already half soaked from the boat spray (his right half) now was drenched through.  A tip for would be outdoors people, don’t wear denim.

Photo Credit : Ita Boyle, Navan Camera Club.
Photo Credit: Dave Dyar, Navan Camera Club

The usual Saltee residents were hunkered down out of the weather, Razorbills, Puffins, Guillemots, Gulls, Gannets and Cormorants.  Not much action going on between them.  Entertainment came from the RNLI rescue of a couple of stranded sailors on the rocks below.  A lifeboat was in attendance and a helicopter flew overwatch.  Thankfully all were safely rescued and the boat towed off the rocks.  With this good news story the weather started to lift, birds started feeding and spirits rose, although it remained overcast throughout the day.

Photo Credit: Haydn Hammerton, Navan Camera Club

here is something special about a puffin, it is in the sad eyes, inquisitive looks and comedic walk that endears them in your heart.  This was my first time photographing the Saltee Island birds and I am hooked.  Can’t wait to return, maybe with an umbrella and wellies next time, and a suitably longer lens.

Haydn Hammerton LIP

.....and the photographer!

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