War Memorial Gardens and Royal Hospital

Club Outing to The Royal Hospital and War Memorial
Gardens on Sunday 15th April

The Irish National War Memorial Gardens. These gardens are one of the most famous memorial gardens in
Europe. They are dedicated to the memory of 49,400 Irish soldiers who died in the 1914 – 1918 war. The
names of all the soldiers are contained in the beautifully illustrated Harry Clarke manuscripts in the granite
bookrooms in the gardens.These gardens are not only a place of remembrance but are also of great
architectural interest and beauty.
The Irish Museum of Modern Art, in collaboration with the Office of Public Works, presents the magnificent
17th century Royal Hospital, Kilmainham. This will give us an opportunity to visit the exhibition Conversations:
Photography from the Bank of America Collection comprises more than 100 photographs drawn from the
renowned Bank of America Collection. The exhibition documents the evolution of photography since the
1850s and presents some of the most notable photographers of the 19th and 20th-centuries. Hand-picked
from thousands of photographs, the works are displayed so as to create “conversations” between images by
individual artists and across a wide range of themes, including portraits, landscapes, street photography and


10.00 Meet up in the car park of the War Memorial gardens which is just off the Sth. Circular Road,
Islandbridge. Google maps is your friend. Go take some photos.

12.00 Meet up again at the car park and drive the short distance up the IMMA. There is a pay car park
which is accessible from Military Road.

12.15 Coffee followed by a visit to the gardens and the exhibition.

16.00 End of day and head for home.

What to bring.

Basically everything with a word of warning!
The car park for the Memorial Gardens is public on street with free parking. It is in the heart of the city
and in particular the nearby blocks of flats. I would suggest that you arrive with your gear on your back
seat and take everything out with you. Don’t open your boot and be seen putting stuff in or don’t leave
anything exposed inside your car.Wear appropriate clothing in case it rains.

Download this page here as a pdf. Club Outing to Memorial Gardens

Forgot to put my number on the itinerary. Contact Denis @ 086 259 2381

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